M3-Mad Monkey Motorsports Chain Conversion ALL NEW 3 Sealed brearings.  We have seen failures with just two.  We feel you desreave more protection!  


Comes with all pictured.  No chain.  This combo is for the customer that wants to choose his own chain.  You will need a 120 link 530 chain.


Available for the 2009 and up Harley Davidson Touring and Milwallkee 8 Touring models


The M3-Mad Monkey Motorsports Chain Conversions allows you to take control of your gearing, yet KEEP your cush drive in your factory wheel.


What makes the M3-mad Monkey Motorsports Chain Conversion different from all the others? We offer more gearing options than any other conversion on the market today (47-67).  The sprockets are lighter than all the other competition. This allows our conversion to get more power to the ground.  M3-Mad Monkey Motorsports are made with American materials in America. TRIPLE row sealed bearings are standard on all M3-Mad Monkey Motorsports billet hubs.

Now with Sprocket Specialties Sprockets!  and free M3 Lockers




Black out 3 ROW SEALED BEARING!! M3- Chain Conversion 2009-Present FLH