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Lets get it on USA M3 By Hoonies Tune!  Same as always just for the 2023 and up Challangers!  American born and raised tunes!


Finally Unlock the potential.  No longer will your buddies 2022 and down Challenger leave you behind!


This is a USA tune, USA delveloped, USA Dynoed, by Americans.  


Your buddy just got that 131 installed, and its time to show him how much money he wasted! Unleash the track inspired power in your Indian Challenger. Our ECM tune is designed to correct your throttle inputs, increase horsepower and torque, lower engine temperatures, and give you control of your motorcycle. We have 800+ pulls, multiple 1/8th miles passes, burnouts, and all out Hooning on our Challenger. 

We stand behind our product by offering a 2 year warranty protecting you and your horsepower. If your dealer deletes your tune, please contact us directly for a retune ($125 includes shipping back)


***Please read below for instructions on sending in your ECM!***

Package your ECM as if it's a $800 part, we recommend USPS/UPS for the best and safest shipment. Please print and fill out the order form below BUY IT NOW. Place this inside with your ECM to be processed. We will process your order in 48 hours as they are all still done by hand. We will package and ship back to you via USPS priority shipping (2-3 days depending location).


Ship to


2555 Old Glory Rd

Clemmons NC 27012


Include in the box, Full Vin, Year, Model, Modifications.  If you have an RVS or DynoJet tune, you will need to have your ECU flashed to stock prior to sending.  



2023 and Up ONLY M3Tune by Hoonies in MERICA!

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