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Ok guys you have asked. M3 tune by Hoonies Garage. Hoonies Garage is my brother. With all of the information we have learned from our King of the Bagger Challenger, we can offer you a tune that you would have never expected.


We will recode, NOT remap your ecu. In this recode we will offer you the most advanced performance you have ever seen. Custom fuel curves along with timing tables. We will also speed your throttle body back up. No more delays.


  • a stock challenger tune we have seen 117.8/131 numbers with just a Sawaicki 2 into 1. With nothing else. When we say nothing else, we mean nothing else. We have nothing to prove. We just want you to have the best.


We will remove the speed limiter and raise your rev limiter. We will keep you in the range of pump gas.


We have collected data with our King of the Bagger Challenger and this allows us optimum performance for your Challenger.


We will need your modifications and the final 6 VIN. We will offer you custom M3 timing and fuel curves. They are NOT anyone else’s information. Proprietary to us ONLY.


We offer a life time tune. If you tune is removed for any reason we will give you a free correction.


We will need your combination. Then we will offer you the best we can from our dyno and KOTB data.


Any combination is available.


Turn around time is normally 2-3 days and then it on the way back to you.


Please feel free to ask anything you would you like.


Feel free to call or email for personal information.


  • Course Competition Use ONLY! Not approved Highway use.

M3Tune by Hoonies

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