These are the exact Lower Legs that we use this year in Mission King of the Baggers.   



- Patent Pending -

  • Upgrade your stock fork sliders! Original fender bolts on – no modifications required!
  • Very slick – cleans up the front end
  • GeezerGlide fork sliders are compatible with OEM components such as 49mm fork tubes, internal suspension parts, etc. as used on 2014-later touring models.
  • They are also compatible with most aftermarket products such as gas suspension cartridges, emulator valves and other products opening up many more options over stock parts.
  • They are designed to work with our 14” brake rotor upgrades and wheels but are bolt-on compatible with stock Brembo brake calipers. Certain aftermarket brake calipers may need minor clearance work.
  • We have designed a ‘hidden axle’ feature to clean up the right side of your Harley, which is most visible. The wheel axle is installed from the left side of the bike and there is no hardware visible on the outside of the right side fork slider. A hidden stainless steel sleeve prevents premature wear and damage to the cast aluminum fork slider.
  • The left fork slider will be capped with a CNC machined plug, which hides the left end of the wheel axle – very clean!
  • This version is compatible with the 2014-later touring front fender bolt pattern.
  • Available for ABS & Non-ABS applications and in chrome or in black

Geezer Glide FLH Lower Fork Legs 2014 Up