Lets start with explaining that this is the EXACT set we used on our 2021 King of the Bagger entry.  We also install these on all of out street build.  We have not found a product that out performs!



Incredibly light, strong and beautiful!!

Check out these beautiful pieces! We thought we should do something about this often overlooked but really important part. Who likes rubbery soft riser bushings, ill-fitting bushing sleeves and utilitarian looking bolts on a beautiful Harley? Neither do we. So here they are!

We had custom bushings made from a special polyurethane mix to meet our requirements of sufficient vibration dampening and rigidity for aggressive riding styles.

  • Precision machined from Titanium GR5 to highest standards
  • Extremely light but very strong
  • Polished to a beautiful finish
  • Torx55 setup makes it easy and safe to torque the bolt to OEM specifications
  • Our custom made PU bushings reduce vibrations while providing a solid feel in your handlebars
  • The bushings will compress and settle when torqued to specifications (see pictures).



Geezer Glide Titanium Riser Bushings Harley FLH