This is the same front trees we used on our 2020 National Championship Bike.  These are not designed for road race style bikes.  Due to the fact they reduce the wheel base almost 3 inches.


M3 49mm and 41mm Billet Bagger for trees will allow you too pull your front wheel back up too 3 inches and still keep the rake and trail correct. This will shift the weight of the bike forward and assist in more aggressive launches. The M3 Billet Trees will accept your OEM Harley Davidson Nacelle (all years). You can lower the forks with the provided billet fork caps, WITHOUT having to internally lower your stock forks. The M3 Fork trees can also accept your fork tins if you want to keep the stock appearance.

M3 Billet Trees include the following:

M3 Upper and lower billet Fork Trees

M3 Chromoly stem with M3 Chromoly top nut

M3 Adjustable Nacelle mounts

M3 Billet Fork Caps

Handle Bar Bushings and hardware

Stainless Hardware

USA Made!

We have tested this offset for over a year on two bikes, this is NOT new for us.

M3 49mm AND 41mm Billet Offset Bagger Fork Trees