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M3 Exclusive Ventilator with Dip Stick. Yes it will come complete.  This only fits the 2006 and down FLH with the push in cap. NOT the threaded cap. You do NOT have to remove the cap to check the oil.  We partnered with Barnett clutch and cables for a flexible dip stick. 


Now there is no reason to remve tour vent cap!!!!


The Milwaukee 8 and Twin Cam engines have a know puking issue.


The M3 Ventilator will allow your engine to breath more than any of the competition.  The M3 Ventilator will offer you engine lower crankcase pressures, cooler oil temperatures, less scavenging of oil into your air cleaner (thus robbing horsepower also), and assist with less sumping conditions. This is an excellent upgrade for a stock engine or a highly modified engine.  They know that the case pressure was going to raise. HD has no choice but to comply with the Clean Air act.  HD engines were vented from the case for years.  Then EPA forced the breather into the heads to the intake and thus burning the excess oil.  The issue now is that the engines are larger and have less ventilation.  The excess oil can cause carbon build up.  Loss of power. Crank sumping. All around poor performance.   The newer design of the case on the M8 has a flaw in design that the poor venting exposes.  HD cannot address this issue do to EPA restrictions.

We will NOT ever ask you to drill into your case, making a permanent alteration. We do NOT want you to take a chance of possibly dropping shavings into your oil pan.  This could be a catastrophic accident (why chance it?).  You do not need a “check valve”, this could cause an adverse affect and be just as detrimental to your engine. The M3 Ventilator is installer friendly, even to a novice hobbyist.  No tools are needed other than a screwdriver to tighten one hose clamp.  The M3 Ventilator is an American made CNC billet aluminum part, NOT a cheap plastic injected part or any other “quick fix”.

The M3 Ventilator is different in many ways making it the most efficient design to date:

CNC Billet M3 Ventilator Oil Cap (NO DRILLING REQUIRED)

3/8 Breather ventilation without choking the size down in other areas.

UNI brand Washable filter with a zip tie and hose clamp

3/8 Black Gates Fire Proof Hose

New O Ring for the M3 breather cap


Dyno proven horsepower gains with some engine combinations

Designed in conjunction with A1Cycles.net (Home of 2016 Top Fuel Champion Michael Beland). M3 provided A1 Cycles with the Ventilator until the interweb named it the A1 Ventilator.  

Each kit comes with everything you need to install.

For closed course competition ONLY.


M3 Provided the Ventilator for A1 Cycles.  Now we have made our twist on the design.  No reason to remove the cap just to check the oil.

M3 Exclusive Dip Stick- Ventilator TC Push In 2006 Down

  • 2009-2020 Black FLH TC and M8, 2009-2020 FLH Twin Cam and M8