M3 Street Perfomance Isolator has the advantage of our Patent Pending desgin of dampining is the first and only of its kind.  This design is proprietary to Mad Monkey Motorsports only. 


The use of  UHMW is ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene we can give you just enough help to keep those harmonic vibrations much lower than our previous all out performace M3 Isolators. 


The M3 Isolators remove unwanted chassis and swing arm flex. Great upgrade to replace worn or stock rubber swing arm pivot isolators. For use with or without a spherical bearing kit for the ultimate in rear swing arm control. No more feeling as the rear wheel is “Stepping out” in corners or side loading and shifting of the rear tire trail. Keep it in line the way it should have been done at the factory. Plenty of room for socket clearance. Chamfered edges for a clean look and easy install.


They can be powder coated or anodized for color matching on your show bike. We recommend them to be install by trained tech using factory manual. No adjustments or changes to frame or swingarm needed.

Great for stock bikes as well as bikes with heavy stereo, high horse power, big wheel bikes, these will help almost all situations.


We were first introduced to the design when we were racing Buells in the late 1990s. They were provided by Don Tilley owner of Tilleys Harley Davidson.  At that time is was a race only used part. Since working on newer FLH performance bikes we saw the need for them to be used there also. There are many variations of this part that has been made for over 30 years. This is the M3 take on them.


Most of the FLHs and FXRs being built now are purpose built. This will drastically improve handling.


Compatible with most aftermarket arms

T6061 Billet Aluminum

Comes as a pair (one for each side)

Made in USA


UHMW is ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene bar that has exceptionally high abrasion and impact resistance properties. It will outwear all other materials, including metals, nylons, urethanes and fluoroplastics. In corrosion resistance, it has the same qualities of other polyethylene plastics. UHMW resists wear, friction and corrosion and thus it cuts maintenance costs, energy consumption and extends equipment life. Applications for UHMW materials include guide rails, wear plates, rollers, conveyor augers, bin and hopper lines, chutes, bearings, bushings and gears.



M3 Street Perfomance Isolators