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Lets get started.  Numbers dont lie.  With this kit, stage 2 cams, Sawicki 2 into 1, and the frame defuser removed.  We achived 129.8 hp and 146.2 Tq.  All Dynos and combos will vary.  


You want this all of this power turn key?  We can do your bike for you in house.  The install will include the 112ci big bore kit, Cometic gaskets, Barnett Clutch, Power Plus Stage 2 Cams, Custom Dyno Tune, S&S Air Filter, Oil Change, Oil filter, Radiator Flush, and the Labor.  


We like to have your bike for two weeks as we are only a 2 person shop and we still have to contiure our daily shop duties.  We also like put extra time into insuring you get the best we can offer.  


We do require parts to paid upon deliver.  Labor and custom dyno tune maybe paid upon pick up.  


You will also need to have a full exhaust.  The stock header is very restrictive. 



Turn Key Indian Challenger 112ci Big Bore Kit

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