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This is the only 112ci kit avalible for the Challnger all years.  


Lets get started.  Numbers dont lie.  With this kit, stage 2 cams, Sawicki 2 into 1, and the frame defuser removed.  We achived 129.8 hp and 146.2 Tq.  All Dynos and combos will vary.  


The Revolution Performance 112ci Big bore comes complete with light weight pistons, ring set, wrist pics, wrist pin clips, head and base gaskets from Cometic.  We will need your cylinders or cores from the big bore as there is no aftermarket cylinders for the challenger. Your cylinders will be stripped, bored, replated, and then repowedercoated.  During this process they will be finished bored to your set of new pistons in your kit.  


The cylinders must be coated.  They cannot be just be bored.  They are returned to factory coating and specifications when finished through the Revolution Perfomance process. 


The pistons are thremocoated and built or the street. To offer maximum perfomance with little heat.


Cylinders will take 3-4 weeks.  We do offer a core program for 1299.00   This is fully returnable once we revice your cylinders back in undamaged condition.  Please contact us for that option.



We will need your Cylinders for cores.  Without our tune, there is no warrenty of any kind. No one has dyno tuning time but M3/Hoonies.  Thank you. 

Indian Challenger 112ci Big Bore Kit

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