Available for the Indian Challenger models.  Due to outside processing.  Please check lead times.  Standard lead time is around 3-4 weeks.  


The M3-Mad Monkey Motorsports Chain Conversions allows you to take control of your gearing, yet KEEP your cush drive in your factory wheel.


Stock gearing is 22/53. We will be happy to help you gearing questions.  All kits will come with front sprocket, complete rear hub with sprocket, You will need to get a chain of your choice.  


What makes the M3-mad Monkey Motorsports Chain Conversion different from all the others? We offer more gearing options than any other conversion on the market today (47-67).  The sprockets are lighter than all the other competition. This allows our conversion to get more power to the ground.  M3-Mad Monkey Motorsports are made with American materials in America.


Double row sealed bearings are standard on all M3-Mad Monkey Motorsports billet hubs.


Made with Billet 7071 Aluminuim. 


Anodized Black


Now with Sprocket Specialties Sprockets!  


Patent Pending 


M3 Indian Challenger Billet Chain Conversion

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